pomodoro //

Project: pomodoro app concept
Role: UI designer

Pomodoro app is a productivity app that allows you to work in focused burts take with short breaks in between. This app allows you to set custom session lengths and provides statistics that can be exported to time track projects.

binaural beats //

Project: binaural beats app concept
Role: UI designer

This is a redesign of the Binaural Beats app to make it feel modern and minimalistic. The app cleans up the the existing apps UI and makes it more intuitive to use. 

tokyo. not tokyo //

Project: tokyo. not tokyo
Role: co-founder // art director // photographer
Site: tokyonottokyo.com

I co-founded tokyo. not tokyo with my partner as a way to stay creative during the ongoing covid-19 pandemic. This project allows to me utilize my design and photography skills to create something tangible. 

honeysuckle gathering //

Client: honeysuckle gathering
Role: web designer
Site: honeysucklegathering.com

Honeysuckle Gathering uses upcycled and repurposed fabrics to make one of a kind pieces of clothing. I was contacted by Hannah the founder of Honeysuckle Gathering to create a website to showcase and sell her unique creations.

100 days of posters //

Project: 100 poster challenge
Role: graphic designer
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The challange, to make 100 posters in 100 days spending no more than an hour on each design. This project allowed me to experiment with many different styles of design while refining my design process.

bugs on the menu //

Client: 291 Film Company
Role: graphic designer

I worked with Ian and Mark of 291 Film Comapny to create a spec cookbook that would accompany their documentary Bugs on the Menu. While it garnered the interest of publishers the project was unfortunatly cancelled due to scheduling issues. 

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