Broke Ass Kitchen

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“You don’t need a silver fork to eat good food.” Paul Prudhomme

Broke Ass Kitchen began about three years ago while I was a student at Royal Roads University. I had a project where I was supposed to partner with a company and create a communications plan that they could use, or I could create my own self directed project as long as it fulfilled all of the project requirements. After writting the comm plan and several false starts I pretty much abandoned the idea.

I reworked my original concept for Broke Ass Kitchen, which was supposed to be a humourous university cooking show, into a site that hosts all sorts of information on how to prepare meals on a budget. It still uses the original premise of the broke university student with seemingly bare cupboards to emphasize creativity when cooking but has evolved into much more.

Broke Ass Kitchen is about being able to cook food that will nourish the mind, body, and soul no matter what your budget is or time constraints are. It is a collection of life lessons, learned as a broke student, brought to life by a chef with a creative mind and a passion for quality ingredients.

Check out the Broke Ass Kitchen Site Here!

Creating the logo for Broke Ass Kitchen was one of the biggest challanges of this project. My initial ideas were all based around the idea of being broke and included everything from ramen noodles to broken kitchen utensils.

After stepping back and thinking about what the purpose of the entire project was I moved from the broke and cartoonish original ideas I orginally had. I wanted the logo to reflect that we were going to be creating food that was good for you and that was of higher quality even if it was made with a small budget.